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Miner's Lettuce

Miner's Lettuce

Have you ever tasted Miner's Lettuce?

Miner's Lettuce, also known as Winter Purslane is a nutritious and crunchy must-have staple for your winter salads. High in vit C it is great consumed fresh in salads or as a garnish on your avocado toast.

live2give Beetroot with Leaves

Our organic beetroot with leaves is super nice and super delicious. Pulling beetroot out of the ground and washing it right now - looking fantastic. 


live2give Brussel Sprouts make their Debut

Look at these healthy brussel sprouts! They don't mind cooler weather and they thrive in rich humus soil, high in nitrogen.
We're expecting to harvest them in the beginning of June.


Moisture Readings

We carry out moisture readings at our trial site at live2give Organic Farm three times a week. The goal is to measure how much moisture the mulch keeps in the ground which reduces the need for irrigation.


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