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Our live2give Farm Winter Veg 🤩

Our live2give Farm Winter Veg 🤩

Our live2give Farm Winter Veg 🤩

We're just harvesting organic veg that will be going into your veggie boxes this week...enjoying a sunny, winter day! Also super excited that Oaklef Green lettuce is ready too! Winter veg dinner served with freshly made salad - yum.



Freshly Picked Local Citrus Just In

Our local organic grower Warren has just delivered us delicious organic lemons, limes and clementines. Not many clementines, so get in quick - seedless and delicious.



Meet Streamside Organics 🤩

Here at Live2Give Organics we are passionate about the Way things are done, not just the end product. For this reason we are always working to team up with other growers who are like minded. We are very happy that we are now able to compliment our live2give produce with super fresh veg from our friends @ Streamside Organics in Leeston, on the outskirts of Christchurch.

Look out for a number of Streamside Organics goodies on our Organic Veg page, with several of their items in our boxes too 🥬🧅🥔🥕. We also managed to land a few crates of their new season cauliflower, which is all going in our veg boxes this week 📦.

A little background:

Streamside Organics is a certified organic AsureQuality #1444 market garden farm that is both a socially and environmentally progressive business who take pride in the vegetables they produce using regenerative farming techniques.

Founders Dominique Schacherer and Logan Kerr started the farm on just 1 acre in 2014. Since then they have expanded to 50 acres, with a big team of passionate organic farmers. 

Streamside: "We care about you; we care about the crew; we care about the vegetables and how they grow."


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