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Brussel Sprouts Time!

Brussel Sprouts Time!
Brussel Sprouts Time!
All the brussel sprouts lovers - you can order live2give organic brussel sprouts this week! Great for roasting or sauteeing, these mini cabbages have a delish natural sweeteness. Enjoy - freshly picked, organic and local.


New Season at the Door! 🤩

We're looking forward to the upcoming season! In the photo you can see our kale seedlings. We also picked up lettuce and onion seedlings and would like to start planting in 2 weeks' time. Fingers crossed for fine weather to enable the soil to dry out enough for the planting preparations to begin.


Winter Cover Crops

We have been growing a variety of cover crops over winter that will become a mulch layer in the upcoming season to plant our vegetable crops into. We have been experimenting with different mixes that have been generating biomass and fixing nitrogen in the ground over winter:

1. 45% oats, 53% faba beans, 2% crimson clover
2. 60% ryecorn, 30% hairy vetch, 5% maple peas and 5% balansa clover
3. 45% ryecorn, 53% faba beans, 2% crimson clover
4. 45% triticale, 53% faba bean, 2% crimson clover
5. 100% faba bean




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