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Beautiful Lettuce

Beautiful Lettuce

 Lettuce, Lettuce, Lettuce

Days are getting shorter and a little colder, but we still have very nice outdoor lettuce available to harvest for the next month. Meanwhile we are planting lettuce in our hothouses for winter supply. Enjoy the freshness! 


 Fennel, Fennel, Fennel

 This hardy vegetable should be ready for harvest in a couple of months. With its mild licorice flavour, it can be used as an ingredient in recipes or on its own - thinly sliced and eaten raw or cooked and served in a white sauce. Yum yum yum...


 What's going on here?

 As certified organic farmers we apply micronutrients as foliar sprays when there's a deficiency in the soil (e.g. boron), but also bacteria that fix nitrogen or solubilise phosphorus or potassium, to name just a few.


Reusable Crates Are Here!

If you are on one of our delivery runs (Levin to Wellington on Tuesday or Palmy/Feilding/Ashhurst on Wednesday) your organic goodies will arrive in one of our sturdy swap-a-crates. There is a one-time $30 crate bond on your first order which we will happily refund at any time. We will keep a record of your bond payment.

Pickup orders will also be part of a Swap-a-Crate system.

Why is this cool?

* Less rubbish for our planet 
* Your box won't get soggy & squished during transport 
* Sturdy protection for your goodies especially in the wet


* Don't worry if your order is large, we will use multiple crates as needed, but only one bond, one time.

* Don't worry if your order is small, we have small crates too :)

* Don't worry if you don't order every week, just put your crate out for swaps next time you order.

* Feel free to give your crate a wipe before swapping. 

Thanks to all those who have already paid their crate bond. Here is a shortcut to the bond item on our website.


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