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BOX 7 - Organic Tiny Fruit
BOX 7 - Organic Tiny Fruit

BOX 7 - Organic Tiny Fruit

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The tiny organic fruit box is great for a smaller household. It is seasonal, organic and local.

Tiny Fruit Box Contents for week Friday 21st - Thursday 27th June:

350 g Hastings Organic Apples - Granny Smith

600 g Hastings Organic Apples - Kanzi

500 g NZ Organic Pears - Winter Nellis

800 g Gisborne Spray Free Oranges - Valencia

500 g NZ Organic Gold Kiwifruit

300 g NZ Organic Green Kiwifruit

400 g All Good Bananas - Fumigated

Please note, we are working in the real world with real veg harvested from a real farm so you may have slight changes to the plan!

Quantities are indicative only, as veg does not come in exact sizes :) We want to assure you that if your bananas are slightly under, your apples will be slightly over.