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Cool Pack
Cool Pack

Cool Pack

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Gel filled cool packs to help keep your veg fresh on the way. Feel free to add a cool pack if you would like one (or two). We are no longer adding them automatically, customer choice to include or not as you prefer. 

The Ice Pax freezable gel void fill is suitable for providing thermal mass for temperature-sensitive distribution. It is a low cost, easy to use and safe method of protection and thaws at a much slower rate. Specifically designed thermal gel to meet the demands of the cold chain logistics markets. This mess-free option is an ideal replacement for ice. The void fill can be reused and has a cushioned backing to prevent freezer burn/improve insulation. Each void fill is 500g.

• Each void fill is 500g and comes in a carton of 24

• Thermal mass for temperature-sensitive distribution

• Low cost, easy to use and safe method of protection

• Thaws at a much slower rate for long-lasting protection

• Effective ice replacement and mess-free option

• Freezable Gel Packs that can be reused and have a cushioned backing