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Organic Buckwheat Groats 1kg

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Hulled buckwheat groats. Ingredients Wholegrain Buckwheat Organic Gluten free Wheat free Buckwheat is very high in magnesium (by volume). One cup of it is said to contain 98% of a person's daily magnesium needs. Although the name implies it, buckwheat isn't a type of wheat, not even a grain. It is gluten-free and belongs to the rhubarb family. It is a pseudo grain. Buckwheat is rich in complex carbohydrates and is a very good source of plant protein, the protein being readily available (giving a biological value above 90%). This is explained by the high concentration of all essential amino acids. It is also rich in iron, zinc and selenium. Buckwheat is one of the most important foods in Russia and Poland. They simply cook the roasted kernels, use it in soups or eat it like rice. Buckwheat flour is very well suited to waffles or pancakes, and can also be used in cakes, biscuits and bread.

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