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Organic Palm Kernel Oil 1kg

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Palm kernel oil is from the oil palm tree nut. It is white and semi-solid at room temperature. It contains no trans fast, and is approximately 80% saturated fat (giving it the properties of being semi-solid). Like all vegetable oils, it contains no cholesterol in itself, however being largely a saturated fat it increases the body's production of both LDL and HDL cholesterol. The palm kernel oil we source is from a company called Daabon, in Columbia. It is grown organically, and Daabon states on its website that it supports fair trade and sustainability, providing work for the local people. Their website states that 'Over 12 years ago the Daabon Group focused on becoming a leader in the production of organic agricultural products. Since then, we have progressively committed our human and economic resources to ensure that our activities be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We strive to improve the living standards and working conditions of our employees and of the communities in the Santa Marta region, a key factor for the growth and success of Colombia.' (See www. Daabon. Com) Daabon has many organic certifications including USDA Organic, ACO (Australia Certified Organic), EcoCert..... (see http://www. Daabon. Com/europe/certifications. Html) We use palm kernel oil in our Elaion (margarine subsitute) together with water and cold-pressed sunflower or olive oil. There is no heat used at all, as the solid state of the palm kernel oil gives the Elaion a good spreading consistency. We also use a small amount of organic palm kernel oil in some of our biscuits together with equal amounts of cold-pressed organic sunflower oil. This palm kernel oil is not refined or hydrogenated or heat-treated like many commercial confectionary palm kernel products. It is a natural product.

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