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Beetroot Tapenade

Beetroot Tapenade

This recipe is delicious and nutritious. Serve with home-made patties, as a side to summer vegetables or on toast for something special.

Servings: 6   -   Time: 30 min   -   Difficulty: easy


3-4 medium apple-sized beetroot (750g, stalks and tip cut off)
1 cup walnuts (100g)
3.5 Tbsp lemon juice (50g)
2 Tbsp flaxseed or olive oil (25g)
3/4 tsp sea salt (2-4g) or to taste
honey or agave syrup to taste (can be anything from zero to 3 tsp depending on your preference)  


  1. Peel and dice the beetroot into even sized cubes (thumb thickness) and steam or boil until just tender (don’t overcook, should be al dente – slightly firm to the bite.)

  2. Place in the large bowl of your food processor together with the rest of the measured ingredients. Pulse carefully until well chopped and combined, but not babyfood! You want to still be able to see little pieces of walnuts and very small chunks of beetroot.

  3. Taste your tapenade. If the beets aren’t naturally brimming with sweetness, add a little squirt of honey or agave. If the lemon is the main taste, add more sweetener until you reach a sweet/sour balance that is yummy. Tapenade is meant to be quite powerful, to give lift to a meal.


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